Medical FAQs2023-02-01T19:39:47+00:00
What is the group number for my Kaiser medical coverage?2019-01-12T01:43:48+00:00

The group number for Kaiser Northern CA is 39044. The group number for Kaiser Southern CA is 225775.

How do I get my insurance card?2021-12-21T02:55:21+00:00
  • By mail: After you enroll, you should receive an ID card in the mail; check with HealthComp or Kaiser to make sure they have your correct mailing address on file. If an address correction needs to be made, be sure to also update your address in Workday.
  • Printing temporary cards: You can log onto the HealthComp or Kaiser website and print temporary cards.
  • Via a mobile app: You can also access your ID card on the HealthComp mobile app on iTunes (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
  • By phone: Call HealthComp at 833-549-2867 or Kaiser Permanente at 800-464-4000.
  • By email: Send an email to HealthComp at
I’m having a medical procedure next year and want to know if it’s covered. Who can help me?2021-12-21T02:46:55+00:00

Please contact HealthComp for assistance.  Call 833-549-2867 or send an email to

I have been struggling with a claim appeal. Who can help me?2020-09-22T17:48:32+00:00

If you are not getting the support you need, please send an email to the HR Benefits team at or call Benefits Support at 888-659-3616.

What’s the cost of an emergency room visit compared to an office visit?2019-04-01T18:21:12+00:00

On average, an emergency room visit is 15 times ($1,575) more expensive than a $105 office visit.

What’s the cost of an urgent care visit compared to an office visit?2019-04-01T18:20:39+00:00