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Work-life Balance is an employee resource program brought to you and your family free of charge through Ceridian. The program is available to all employees of an Ensign Services-affiliated company, regardless if you are enrolled in other benefit plans.

  • Life: Stress and overload, relationships, legal issues, grief and loss
  • Health: Healthy eating and exercise, stress, quitting tobacco, aging well, navigating the health care system
  • Family: Caring for older relatives, planning for a new baby, adoption, finding childcare, teenagers, single parenting, step families, planning and paying for college
  • Work: Time management, career development, getting along with coworkers, networking, retirement planning, education and training, being an effective manager
Employee Assistance Program Features
Confidential help No one can find out any information you provide to Worklife Balance without your explicit consent or even that you used the service—not your manager, your employer, or even a spouse.
Free in-person sessions with a local counselor When you call the program you can discuss your concerns with a consultant who will connect you with an appropriate counselor in your local area. You’ll be offered an appointment within a few business days.
You have 24/7 toll-free access to licensed nurses though Nurseline. You may discuss any health-related concerns.
Online resources The award-winning website offers short videos, podcasts, articles, access to CDs and booklet and email to a consultant.