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Imagine making just one phone call and talking with one person when you have a question about your benefits coverage or your health. What if that person already had your health history and could make suggestions about how to get the care you need?

That’s the idea behind Anthem Blue Cross Health Guides–a customer service team trained on our medical plans. A Health Guide works closely with health care professionals like nurses, health coaches, social workers and others. This combined service team will guide you through the sometimes confusing health care system and show you how to make the most of your plan benefits.

If you are enrolled in an Anthem PPO or EPO Plan, you have access to Health Guides to help you and your covered family members:

  • Connect with programs and support covered by your medical plan.
  • Stay on top of exams, tests or preventive screenings by reminding you to make appointments or help you make appointments.
  • Answer questions about the medical plans to help you decide which plan may be best for your personal situation.
  • Compare costs of health care services, find in-network doctors, address claim issues and much more.

It's Easy to Reach a Health Guide

You can reach a Health Guide by phone, email or web chat:

  • Call the Member Services number on the back of your medical ID card.
  • Go to Once you log in, select the customer Support tab to use secure email or web chat.