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The Transportation Benefit Program saves you money on taxes if you commute to and from work using public transportation and/or you pay for parking at or near work. Once you sign up, funds are deducted from your paycheck automatically on a pre-tax basis, lowering your taxable income. For 2018, the maximum pre-tax transit contribution is $260 per month and $260 per month for parking.

The program is administered through Discovery Benefits. You’ll receive a Benefits debit card that you can use to pay providers at the time of service directly from your transit and/ or parking account. If a parking facility doesn’t accept debit card payments, you can pay out-of-pocket and submit a reimbursement request from your account. If you are enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account, the Transportation benefit will be added to your Visa FSA debit card.

For questions or to enroll:

Contact the Ensign Benefits Center at 877-352-8104. You may enroll or cancel coverage any time during the year.